Did you know that every new piece of Revo software and hardware undergoes many months and thousands of miles of rigorous testing through their Global Development Programme?

Did you know that every new piece of Revo software and hardware undergoes many months and thousands of miles of rigorous testing through their Global Development Programme?

Revo made a real impact at this year’s Worthersee show by bringing along two, tuned Audi RS3’s and a TT RS. But it wasn’t merely to enjoy a spirited drive along the glorious Alpine roads (although that was great fun, too). All three cars were running development software for the latest 2.5 TFSI engine, which was in the final stages of testing before its recent official release.

2.5 TFSI software

With up to 490ps and 590Nm available, the new Revo 2.5 TFSI software is set to transform TT RSs and RS3s across the world. Although the headline figures are deeply impressive, it’s the additional features, such as left-foot braking, temperature protection; RPM limit increase and switchable fuel modes that really sets it apart.

However, what you may not be aware of is the lengths that Revo goes to before a new product is finally released.

The development process

The launch of any new Revo software represents the final stage in a lengthy development process. Nothing is signed off until the calibration engineers are 100 per cent confident that it delivers optimum performance, in all conditions. It’s a given that any new performance ECU software needs to provide more power and increased torque, but equally importantly, it must also improve driveability. It’s this final factor that is central to Revo’s Only The Driven ethos: every piece of software must make the car more engaging and fun to drive, with no compromises.

But with so many variables involved, how do you ensure your software works, as it should, every time?

Tested around the world

In Revo’s case, they utilise their extensive Global Dealer Network. With dealers located across the world, every new piece of performance software is subjected to the Revo Global Development Programme. This is where development software is installed in a range of test cars to undergo many miles of thorough evaluation. It is here that any issues or inconsistencies can be flagged and then fed back to the calibration engineers. The beauty of this system is that it covers every possible variable, from ambient temperatures, to differences in fuel quality, driving conditions, altitude and more. For example, the higher the altitude, the less oxygen content there is, which means a car will make less power than the same vehicle at sea level. Quality of fuel differs widely across the world and we all know the affect heat can have, especially on turbocharged engines.

Tested in the real world

As well as track testing, a huge amount of on-road evaluation and data-logging is undertaken to ensure new products deliver the goods in every scenario, from a spirited country drive to a sedate city commute. The goal for everything is for the upgrades to feel a part of the car. There’s no point having something that’s savagely fast, if it’s hard to drive on part throttle, for example. Added to this is extensive testing on Revo’s own in-house dyno, which again forms a large part of the development process.


The calibration engineers take all of this data and spend hundreds of man hours fine tuning the software until they are satisfied that it will work as promised in every territory. This in turn gives Revo’s Global Dealers the confidence that the product they’re selling is the best it possibly can be.

It’s because of this lengthy and rigorous beta testing schedule that Revo software is rarely the first to market. However, once it is released, you can be confident that it has some of the industry’s most extensive development behind it. But not only that…

Revo research and development

Revo has invested heavily in state-of-the-art test facilities at their UK HQ, but they also have track-based offices at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in the UK. This means that extensive track testing can be undertaken to really push every piece of new software or hardware to the limit. But it isn’t just about the extremes. Key to everything Revo do is ensuring that any new product enhances the driveability of a car – and it’s this that takes the time and skill of Revo’s engineers to perfect.


The Revo way

With software and hardware developed in-house, access to track testing and a huge number of vehicles involved in testing around the world, Revo is unique in being able to offer such a well rounded development process. It’s this rigorous procedure that Only The Driven will truly understand and appreciate and demonstrates Revo’s commitment to providing market leading performance solutions.